The Spiritual Modality Guide is your BFF guide to about 40 different types of aids in your spiritual development!

Awakening and expanding your conciousness can be scary, but you don't have to do it alone!

These methods are all tried and true and I will share my personal experiences and advice along with detailed desciptions of each method!

Once you are in the guidebook you will know exactly which spiritual modailities are right for you in your journey!

Over 7 hours of video content!

Learn to identify, diagnose, and nurture your chakra imbalances to relieve all symptoms of chakra misalignment.

The Chakra Masterclass Includes:

  • 90 chakra lessons
  • 9 hours of video content
  • 105 affirmations
  • 56 journal prompts
  • 21 rituals
  • 7 yoga awakening classes
  • 7 guided meditations
  • 7 sound healings
  • 4 breath work exercises

The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Guide!

This bundle is everything you need for support during your spiritual awakening!

Whether it is your first or 10th awakening, this bundle is for you!

This is an intuitive channeling call addressing your chakra imbalances and how to heal. Leave this call with a custom chakra nurturing plan to heal to wholeness.

This call is for those who have an idea which chakras are already misaligned, or just want a quick channeled analysis.

This is a great option as a follow up from your Reiki Healing. If you are a student in The Chakra Masterclass this is a way for us to connect 1:1 to work through your findings.

Your Call Includes:

  • Consult
  • Overview of chakras
  • Chakra analysis
  • Custom nurturing plan

This call is offered to all levels of reiki practitioners to refine your abilities.

Your healing abilities are continuously evolving. Receive the extra support after completing your reiki certification to ensure you are always growing to serve your clients.

You can ask questions to refine your healings, or anything directly related to your business so you can be the best healer for yourself and your clients!

Your Call Includes:

  • Q & A targeted to your business needs
  • Custom practices and game plans to elevate your healings and your business

Relax and enjoy the effects of chakra healing!

You can be located anywhere in the world to book an appointment and recieve a healing.

Your Session Includes:

  • Consult
  • Targeted chakra healing
  • Psychic message channeling
  • Clearing of negative energies
  • Input of positive energies
  • Cord cutting
  • Aura cleansing
  • Session recap and a custom chakra nurturing plan

*Note all sessions will be booked morning PST